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Want to add that extra "thing" to your Railcore II 300zl, or maybe just have something to block those little fingers? Add some doors to your printer!

You have the choice between smokey grey or clear acrylic.

The doors are designed by J. Steve White and are designed to go flush with the outside of the printer, not inside the cutout. The hardware kit can be downloaded from thingiverse at:

An alternate hinge style designed by Wade Wendorf is available at and is a 100% printed hinge with no need for a bolt to be used as a pin.

PLEASE NOTE: We are now offering ZLT doors in 1/4" as well as 1/8".

These parts are cut on demand due to the options available for them, so shipping will occur within 1-2 days of receiving the order.

Dual Door Options
Single Door Options

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