Stepper Relocation Kit for Tormach's 6" Rotary Table
Only $439

The Stepper Relocation Kit, recently endorsed by Tormach as an approved 3rd Party Product, allows you to relocate your stepper motor behind the table, instead of off to the side, by replacing the direct drive method of operating the table, with a pulley and belt system. The design of our relocation kit provides stability to the drive shaft of the rotary table so that your rotary table's bushings won't get damaged by side pressure.

Due to the size and compact nature of the Tormach mills, sometimes a few of the accessories can have trouble interacting with each other. This is why we have developed the Stepper Relocation kit for the standard rotary table.

Mounting of the 4th axis on the left works fine, until you decide you want an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC). The stock configuration of the rotary table allows it to be mounted only on the left side of the table of the mill. The Stepper Relocation kit by Mandala Rose Works, LLC, allows you to mount the rotary table on the right side of the mill, thereby eliminating all interactions with the ATC.

The installation of the relocation kit takes about 10 minutes and involves NO SOFTWARE CHANGES to Mach3.

NOTE: A stepper relocation kit is in development for the 8" rotary table. Please stay tuned for more information.

*US Shipping Only

If you are outside of the continental United States, please send us an email order and we will invoice you for the Relocation Kit based on shipping costs to that location.