Hemera Fan Shroud


We are pleased to be able to announce that we are licensed to print and sell the "James Tongue Mandible" fan shroud for the Railcore ZL/ZLT printers! A portion of the proceeds of these sales go back to the designer, James Tongue himself!

Our shrouds are printed out of Fun To Do Industrial High Temp Resin, and are good up to 225C!

This shroud is for the hemera only, which bolts directly to the bottom of the Hemera mount and has no need for special brackets.

Please Note: Resin, while strong, has absolutely ZERO give. If your nuts for the mounting brackets do not fit easily, DO NOT FORCE THEM. The resin WILL crack. Instead, use a knife or dremel to widen the hole till your nut seats easily into the cavity.

There is a small nub on the back of the fan that is recommended for use on the railcore. Please clip this flush or sand down the little nub. If you try to force it into the resin duct, which has no give, you run the risk of cracking the duct.

Future resin ducts will have the fan mounting hole tapped. While a bolt can be screwed into this hole without tapping, if you find it hard to install, please take the time and thread the hole with a m3x0.5 tap.


  Delivery policy

We ship within one business day. Message us if your country is not available, and we will add it.