Upgrade the S/D Carriage to Dual Extrusion


The Upgrade Kit contains the following item:

  • - Adjustable Rail
  • - Adjustable Groovemount (fits on rail)
  • - Clip
  • - (optional) Dual Extruder Fan Shroud

Items required to use this kit:  S/D Carriage (see suggest links below this listing)


1) The other resin shroud we sell WILL NOT work for running dual extruders. You need a special dual extruder fan shroud.
2) The upgrade kit does not include an S/D Carriage, that must be purchased separately.  (We have separated the upgrade kit from the Y Carriage and reduces the price of the upgrade kit by the amount of the S/D Carriage.

If purchasing the Dual BMG Direct Drive Kit in conjunction with the Dual Upgrade Kit, use discount code "1MVXHJ81_DEUPGRADE" for 10% off your joint purchase.


  Delivery policy

We ship within one business day. Message us if your country is not available, and we will add it.

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