Bearing Blocks for the ZLT Z Axis Leadscrews


We have finalized the version of the Aluminum Bearing Blocks for the Railcore ZLT!

These bearing blocks are to help constrain the leadscrew at the bottom of the printer near the coupler.

We want to make clear that these are 100% optional upgrades. The ZLT kit no longer contains the bearing blocks in printed form, but these were designed and produced as some users still wanted them.

Bearing Block Options

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A nice little feature is you can use these bearing blocks to keep the weight of the bed off the steppers by including some of these split collar clamps just above your 608 bearings. You can order 3 of them from Grainger and it's a nice, well made, and most importantly, reasonable, split collar. After you get everything installed, you just loosen the shaft coupler, lift the threaded rod up a little bit, install the split collar flush with the top of the bearing, then tighten the shaft coupler back up again.

Kit Contents

  • 3 Bearing Tops
  • 3 Bearing Bases
  • 12 30mm Spacers
  • 12 50mm m3 bolts
  • 3 608 bearings 8mm ID

We have also created an alignment tool that you need to print to aid in aligning the yokes, bearing blocks, and stepper motors for the Z axis. You can view and download the tool from thingiverse.