RatRig VCore 3 Doors

3-5 days

Now available are doors for the RatRig VCore3 line of printer!

This listing is just for the doors.

The Doors are our design, but based on the design that done by CYBORGCNC, these doors should work using his printed hinges and other hardware.

We will be doing this as short range pre-order.  We will be accepting orders thru the 15th of each month.  Orders close at 12:00am CST.  On the 16th of each month, that batch will close, we will order stock and packing material, and do the run of panels.  We are doing it this way because of the size of the panels, and the fact we are rather space limited in our shop at the moment, which keeps us from being able to store the large material and large boxes required to ship these panels.

Material Type
VCore3 Printer Size

  Delivery policy

We ship within one business day. Message us if your country is not available, and we will add it.

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