Matched Height Kinematic Kit


Our Kinematic Mount Kit provides you all the parts and hardware necessary to mount your bed in a kinematically coupled system for the purposes of handling the themal expansion of your bed as it heats up.

Our Kinematics are based on the Kelvin style kinematics, and include 150C N48SH magnets to maintain the connection of the bed to the yokes.

Each of the bases are slightly different heights to account for where the threaded balls sit on the magnets.

The pin mount has movable location blocks depending on the orientation you need for your particular printer.  Please note, you will likely need a longer z-endstop pin on a v2.4 to use the kinematics. Please go to the attachments to see the observations written up by one of our beta testers.

The kinematic kit includes:

- 1 magnet base for the flat magnet
- 1 magnet base for the chamfered magnet
- 1 pin mount base
- 2 pins
- 2 magnet covers
- 3 threaded balls
- 3 m3 nuts
- 8 m3x6 button heads
- 2 m3x8 buttons heads
- 1 chamfered disc magnet - 150C
- 2 flat disc magnets - 150c
- 3 m4 T-Nuts
- 3 m4x8 Cap Head Bolts
- 1 hammerhead m5 T-Nut
- 2 m2x4 button heads

Not Included: 130mm (approx) extrusion for mounting on a Voron 2.4, you may however download and 3d print one till you get the appropriate size. Check the product page at Mandala Rose Works for the STL.

Threaded Ball Length

  Delivery policy

We ship within one business day. Message us if your country is not available, and we will add it.



Printable Extrusion for Voron 2.4 Front Kinematic Mount

Download (8.68k)


This is a report written up by Discord user @Klabby on his experience and observations with our Kinematic kit

Download (511.69k)

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